From the White Lotus Kitchen

Crisped Savory Sage


Nothing in the kitchen says Thanksgiving like the smell of savory sage.  The following recipe creates more of a decadent little treasure or piece de resistance than a simple seasoning, but no matter how you include it in your holiday meal it will be one of the “wow” factors on your tongue and around your table.

I make these little delights year round to accent white bean, butternut squash, or pumpkin soups.  You can crumble the sage leaves onto buckwheat or other grains to send you into a state of nirvana.  I also toss steamed greens and other vegetables in the pan with the remaining sage enhanced butter to add nuance and depth. The possibilities for this crisped, little herb are endless... if you don't simply devour the leaves all by themselves.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed with an abundance of good health and good people.

Happy Holiday with love from Tracey and the Lotus


Fresh organic sage leaves
Organic butter
Organic cold pressed olive oil
Sea salt



Wash sage leaves and pat dry.  Heat your pan using a medium to low heat and add either all butter or olive oil (if you prefer one to the other) or a combination of both in approximately equal parts. Keep the heat low enough not to burn the butter.  Sprinkle in a bit of sea salt.   Add sage leaves, turning them several times throughout the process until the leaves begin to feel crispy.  Turn off heat, sprinkle leaves with a bit more sea salt and lay the leaves on a paper towel for testing, tasting, and wowing.