From the White Lotus Kitchen

Tracey’s Ginger Green Tea


This green tea recipe for Fall embodies the transitional qualities of the season. Tracey’s Ginger Green is a delicately flavored, golden brew that can be enjoyed hot or cold depending on what your climate and taste buds inspire. The ginger brings in warmth for those cool Fall evenings and just enough spice to hint at the season to come. Here in California the weather remains fairly hot so the addition of ice and lime make this tea a delicious light cooler with just a little bite. The polyphenols in green tea are powerful anti-oxidants that contribute to our health and well being. The low caffeine count of green tea can be a nice break from coffee or even fermented black teas and still provides a gentle lift.


Bring 1 quart of good quality water to just under a boil. (Boiling water is said to damage delicate green tea leaves)
In a pitcher place 6 bags of organic green tea (Uncle Lee’s organic green is one we love)
Plus six ¼ inch slices of (organic) ginger (more if you prefer really spicy tea)
Pour in the almost boiling water
Steep for 3 minutes, and then remove the tea bags (the ginger can remain)
Add agave sweetener to taste
Serve hot
Or... cool the brew and serve over ice with (optional) fresh lime and a green apple garnish