The Restorative Nature of Yoga, plus It's Saucy: Try our winter seed sauce recipe
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Dear White Lotus Community,

2019--Believe it, or not!

I just finished an interesting article, by the physicist Rovelli, that states there is no time--only the continual state of transformation. Or to quote another great thinker, our very own Ganga White, Time is the movement in timelessness from timeless to timeless. However you wrap your head around either of these thoughts, and whatever your experience personally, our collective awareness thankfully allows us to show up in the same general loci at, relatively, the same moments.

Happy New Year. We wish you well being--that natural state of equilibrium that always seeks to right itself and rebalance. May your Yoga serve you and the greater community in all ways. We hope to have the opportunity to share time with you this year in one of our offerings. Om Shanti.

Love and Blessings,

Tracey and the White Lotus family

Sacred Breath Pranayama Retreat with Phoebe Diftler Feb 15-17

We invite you to join us for our annual Sacred Breath Pranayama Retreat. A weekend of asana and pranayama in our meditative setting designed to help you begin or deepen your understanding and practice of this beautiful breath work. Yoga classes will be guided to support pranayama practice and pranayama will be made accessible to all. Enjoy our legendary gourmet meals and massage as you invigorate your life force.

Please be our guest February 15-17, 2019 at our exquisite retreat heaven.

The Restorative Nature of Yoga: a few questions for Phoebe Diftler, our Restorative Yoga Training Instructor.  By Tracey Rich

Phoebe and I come from the same part of the country. In fact, we both come from Tennessee. In true vernacular many would say we hail from Tennessee. Imagine two Southern belles from the same neck of the woods being inspired to see the world differently, not simply by standing on their heads.

I began Yoga in 1978 when it was out of trend. History tells us there have been many waves of Yoga moving West, the first beginning two centuries ago, around 1893, but the late seventies were definitely a low tide for Yoga in America. That was irrelevant to me. I was not looking for trends or waves.

The practice of Yoga has always been something deeply internal and personal--something intimate. When I teach, I hope to respect that in each individual and to pass along that reverence. I have witnessed that same respect in Phoebe's teaching.

There is hardly a day when Yoga's benefits are not touted in the news. Today, Yoga is definitely a trend that's creating a wave, but also its merits are finally recognized, researched, and here to stay. What was once weird is now embraced.

With so many types of Yoga being tossed about along with people's bodies, I always feel it important to keep one essential question alive...

Restorative Yoga Training with Phoebe Diftler March 2-8

We invite you to join White Lotus and Phoebe Diftler for week of nurturing, radiant well being. Learn to take care of yourself and your students with this enriching system. Restorative Yoga adds an invaluable aspect to the wholeness of any Yoga practice.  

This program is open to yoga students, teachers, and anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a week of Restorative Yoga.

This training can be credited towards your 300 hour Yoga Alliance certificate.

From the White Lotus Kitchen: Winter Seed Sauce

Everyone loves to hang around the hearth. It's instinctual to gather where there is warmth. When we built the Foundation's Santa Barbara Retreat over 35 years ago, we knew we wanted to leave the kitchen open to the main living area as a place of warmth, gathering, inspiration, and education. The kitchen is the heartbeat of a home.

Over the arc of time we have been blessed with remarkable chefs at White Lotus. There is not a single program when someone doesn't announce that they are planning to take the chef home with them, or at the very least most dream to take their secrets and recipes. Aside from what my taste buds desire and our participants deserve, we believe the food we serve nourishes not only well being, but the imagination, and the heart and soul--nourishment on every level.

This rich seed sauce is a favorite go-to for our chef, Tamara Everett. She says you can feel guilt-free heaping it on...